This holiday season, give the gift of a better quality of life to rescued companion parrots. At this time of year, PRC holds the Spirit of Giving to raise much needed funds to help special birds and rescue organizations that follow the highest standards to provide for the birds in their care.

This year’s recipients for the annual Spirit of Giving Campaign include:

Chico, Blue Fronted Amazon, sanctuary resident with PRC

Chico was surrendered to Parrot Resource Centre during a Calgary estate sale in 2013 at the age of 40, fighting against death. She was in critical medical crisis and immediately admitted to an avian hospital. She was fighting to live, the avian vet suggested she may not survive.

Chico fought against the odds and survived.

However not without continuing serious health issues, attributed to years of neglect with nutrition, husbandry and avian veterinary care. Chico suffers with chronic and severe sinusitis, with ongoing medical care required.

Sadie, Congo African Grey, resident with PRC

Sadie is one of the 584 survivors from the permanently closed World Parrot Refuge, Coombs, B.C. The facility promised a “loving, secure home for life” to birds and at one time boasted close to 1,000 surrendered birds. At the time authorities it shut it down, it was Canada’s largest bird hoarding and rescue missions to date.

Sadie, as with all WPR survivors, requires expensive medical testing and treatment, the result of the horrendous conditions at WPR for many years.

PRC tirelessly volunteered and assisted Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary and Night Owl Bird Hospital, the official organizations of the WPR mission, in addition to adopting Sadie into our program and virtually adopting Maisy, who resides with a loving family.

My Donation to the Spirit of Giving 2016:

Donations can be made online via PayPal to or cheque payable to Parrot Resource Centre, PO Box 5241, High River, AB T1V 1M4

The PRC is dedicated to the premise that better education of people will lead to the proper care and improved welfare of companion birds. Every puchase/donation made on our store or via the methods above go directly to the education and welfare of these precious birds.

A note regarding receipts:

We are a registered non-profit society, incorporated in Alberta on June 26, 2012. However, we can not issue receipts for income tax purposes because we are not a registered charity.

To keep operating costs minimal, general receipts are not issued for cash/cheque donations under $21 or PayPal donations, unless requested.

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