A heartfelt thank you to all those who made our annual fundraiser another wonderful success.

Together, we raised a total of $3,371.


The 2017 Spirit of Giving proceeds have gone towards avian medical care for Rusty, Clementine and Cricket.

Clyde, another WPR survivor, also benefited from the Spirit of Giving and is with Meika’s Safehouse in Sherwood Park.

For a complete update, please see their YouCaring page.

Meet 2017’s recipients for the annual Spirit of Giving Campaign:

Rusty, Moluccan Cockatoo

Rusty, Moluccan Cockatoo

Photo taken November 5, 2017.

Clementine, Moluccan Cockatoo

Clementine, Moluccan Cockatoo

Clementine is a lovely Cockatoo with pre-existing leg issues. Photo taken November 5, 2017.

Cricket , Umbrella Cockatoo

Cricket , Umbrella Cockatoo

Meet Cricket , a shy 20-year-old male Cockatoo. Photo taken November 5, 2017

Rusty, Clementine and Cricket

Rusty is an adorable Moluccan Cockatoo with a cloaca prolapse. He had two past surgeries which were not successful. Rusty’s present prolapse has been for about two years.

Clementine is in intensive care with Dr. McDonald. She was flown from Vancouver Island on November 7th with internal bleeding. Prior to the 2016 closure of the World Parrot Refuge, Coombs, B.C., these Cockatoos were taken by two former employees. At some point, Clementine was given to the family who had Rusty and Cricket.

From what we know, circumstances in the family changed and the birds needed to be rehomed and were being given away. Parrot Resource Centre was approached by caring individuals who were concerned for the health and welfare of the birds. On November 5th, the three cockatoos were taken into temporary foster care.

Rusty and Clementine require immediate avian veterinary care, which they will receive with the wonderful gesture of Dr. Anne McDonald, Night Owl Bird Hospital, Vancouver, B.C. Near the end of the month, Rusty, Clementine and Cricket will be flown from B.C. to Edmonton, AB to begin their journey to new homes and families.

PRC has donated $800 for Rusty’s new cage at Meika’s Safehouse, which had already purchased cages for Clementine and Cricket.

PRC is grateful to Dr. McDonald and Meika’s Safehouse for stepping forward to help Rusty, Clementine and Cricket.

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