When parrots become part of the family, they can provide a wonderful and rewarding experience. As with many other types of pets, having a feathered friend can present some challenges; however, our goal is to provide support for you to live in harmony with your parrot.

In this section, we provide you with some valuable information on parrots that will allow you to provide a safe, healthy and stimulating environment for your parrot. Be sure to check out each sub-tab under the main Resources tab.

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Parents Need To Teach Responsibility of Animal Committment

A Parrot’s Bill of Rights – Stewart Metz

Know The Parrot Species – Parrot Resource Centre

What is CITES? – Parrot Resource Centre

CITES Presentation from Canadian Parrot Conference 2015

Canadians Travelling With Their Companion Parrot

The Bird Owner’s Manual – Emily Strong

The Parrot Enrichment Activity Book – Kris Porter

Kid’s Colouring Book – Kristen Koller

Note: the book is designed to be printed double sided (hence the blank pages) and can be bound or stapled as needed, or simply printed single sided on a home printer. Below is a release form that will enable you to make copies at any print shop that might require a copy right release from the property owner.

Release Form

Behavioural Problems in Companion Parrots – Greg Glendell

How Do I Know If My Bird Is Sick? – Dr. B. Fitzgerald

Respecting the Bite – Barbara Heidenreich

Strategies to Utilize when a Flighted Parrot Escapes – Barbara Heidenreich

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