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Nathaniel (Nathan), Blue Fronted Amazon

Nathaniel is a lovely, male (DNAed) Blue Fronted Amazon who entered our adoption program in early November from Ontario. He is sixteen years young and originally from the United States (hatch certificate). He was with his original family until November, from November...

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New Poster

Thank you Bill and Ian for reminding us of all the birds we have been able to help. Download the poster PDF. Get your own printable copy of this awesome...

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Spirit of Giving 2016

This holiday season, give the gift of a better quality of life to rescued companion parrots. At this time of year, PRC holds the Spirit of Giving to raise much needed funds to help special birds and rescue organizations that follow the highest standards to provide for...

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PRC Feather Holiday Greeting Cards

Beautiful holiday cards featuring naturally molted parrot feathers and hand made by Becky M. and Daphne J., dedicated volunteers in Alberta. The ladies also donate all materials. PRC has a limited quantity available. The cards are blank inside for your personal...

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Stop in at the Parrot Resource Centre Parrot Display Booth at Pet Expo, Spruce Meadows. Meet some of the birds and their caretakers. Saturday: Blue Fronted Amazons - Bart, Geronimo; Caique - Molly; Congo African Greys - Macabee, Suzi; Sunday: Blue Fronted Amazon -...

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Flight For Parrots 2016

Drum Roll Please ... the 2016 Flight for Parrots winners are: Barb D. of Alberta will be taking a flight for two anywhere WestJet flies in the world! Stephanie B. will be receiving the beautiful handmade, collectible teddy bear. In total, 464 tickets were sold,...

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Flight For Parrots 2016 Ready For Take Off

Flight For Parrots annual donation program will be taking off soon.  A full 100 per cent of proceeds from the Flight For Parrots program goes to helping parrots in need at Parrot Resource Centre and Weary Wings Parrot Rescue. All donation money goes "to the...

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Babs, Sweet Fighter, Flies Over Rainbow Bridge

With the heaviest of hearts and disbelief ... "Babs is now flying free. This morning, February 18th, 2016, I was advised that she was in severe renal failure and I made the decision to humanely end her life. I took Mrr Mrr with me to say goodbye. Babs was very shut...

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