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Buddy, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

In March, 2017 we saw a post in PRC Discussion on a recently rescued Sulphur Crested Cockatoo in Ontario. Buddy, had spent most of his life in a cockatiel cage in a garage. Pamela R. saw Buddy's post online. Her finances prevented her from purchasing a new cage, she...

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Tico, Educational Ambassador for PRC

Tico, is a Meyer's parrot who found his next loving adoptive home through the PRC adoption program. He is now an educational ambassador for PRC, visiting schools in southern Alberta with Daphne J., his caregiver and PRC member, and her grandchildren. The school- Ecole...

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Nathaniel (Nathan), Blue Fronted Amazon

Nathaniel is a lovely, male (DNAed) Blue Fronted Amazon who entered our adoption program in early November from Ontario. He is sixteen years young and originally from the United States (hatch certificate). He was with his original family until November, from November...

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