Nathaniel is a lovely, male (DNAed) Blue Fronted Amazon who entered our adoption program in early November 2016 from Ontario. He is sixteen years young and originally from the United States (hatch certificate). He was with his original family until November, from November to the end of January he was in a potential adoptive home on Vancouver Island. Circumstances have transitioned Nathaniel to PRC foster awaiting his new, loving adoptive home.

Fully avian vet checked, with a superior health rating, he is on Harrison’s Coarse pellets, fresh veggies and fruits, walnuts are an all time favorite.

Being an Amazon he can be loud, and seems to be drawn to females as his person of preference, although his original caregiver was male.

Nathaniel loves to bath. September 2017

Hand tame and affectionate with the chosen person. Fully flighted, with other Amazons there is the usual vocalizations – be aware, comfortable with dogs in the home when safety is exercised.

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