Chico’s Story

With deep sorrow and a broken heart, we share Chico was humanely euthanized on November 2, 2017. It was a heart wrenching decision by Gloria Fantin and Dr. Anne McDonald, we had no choice but to end her suffering from chronic sinusitus. Chico was privately cremated and her remains returned to Gloria her caregiver.

Permanent PRC resident due to compromised health

Chico, a Blue Fronted Amazon (BFA) was surrendered to PRC on October 19, 2013. Chico is 35+ years old in critical condition. Chico was immediately transported to the avian vet and oxygen nebulizing began for respiratory illness, along with medications for severe eye and nares infection.

The photo to the left shows Chico in the oxygen nebulizer at the vet’s. As you can see, his eyes are infected and a white foam forms. The left eye is more severe than the right. TREATMENT IS UNDERWAY. We hope to be able to draw blood as soon as he is stable enough to safely do so.

May 2017, Chico continues to be a fighter.

As of May 2017 Chico's medical care has surpassed $6,000. Can you help?

Update November 12, 2013 Chico had his weekly avian visit and therapeutic nasal flush on November. Dr. Weger was pleasantly surprised when Chico did not struggle, as if he knows the procedure is to help him. Chico’s left eye foams when stressed, during the night and if his breathing is laboured, which may be permanent due to the severe and irreparable damage done. The foam is the result of air escaping from a tear in the air sac in that area, chance are this will not repair itself. The nares drops will continue and the antibiotic. We are moving to Eye Stream for the eye – left only to help remove the foam when needed. This is an over the counter saline solution that is administered from a soft spray action and does not require holding Chico – will reduce stress but bring relief. This is a product the clinic uses for eye flushes for their patients. The nebulizing with saline also continues. It is predicted the nares drops, antibiotic and nebulizing will be for many more weeks – Chico is so filled with sinus infection it will take weeks to get it under control. Thank you all for your generous support and continued caring for Chico … he has made a remarkable flight from death’s door and has been given a chance … what all birds deserve … a chance!

Update December 25, 2013 Avian Vet Visit Chico received the most precious gift on December 25 when we visited Dr. Richard Weger at Calgary North Vet for Chico’s regular visit. Chico does not have another appointment for follow-up! Dr. Weger gave Chico the brilliant green light on his health! Don’t be mistaken, Chico will always suffer from sinusitis, it will be a chronic condition, however he is ready to find a loving, permanent home. Look at the progress this fighter has made from October 19th when he was rushed in critical condition to preening his foster mom’s hair on December 27…no aggressiveness in this 35-year-old+ Blue Fronted Amazon.

Update August to October, 2014 Chico has relapsed and is currently under avian veterinary care on Vancouver Island. The directors of PRC have determined it is in his best interest to remain a sanctuary bird with PRC. We now know Chico has been afflicted with chronic sinusitis for six years! He lived in a house with smokers for most of his life, along with strong cooking odours and perfume. If you would like to help with Chico’s care, please donate through Paypal to, with Chico in the subject line.

Update January 14, 2016

Update on Chico, she and I will drive to Vancouver, Night Owl Bird Hospital, on January 22nd. Her breathing is laboured, perhaps Dr. McDonald can help Chico.

Her early evenings are the best, mornings she is not very happy. I am no longer able to properly clean her nares, they are impacted and blocked. If you would like to help with Chico’s care, please donate through Paypal to, with Chico in the subject line.  

Update January 29, 2016 

Chico is continuing to show progress with Dr. Anne McDonald and her dedicated avian team.

“She certainly likes to eat especially green grapes and she is not a difficult Amazon.” Dr. McDonald.

Yes, Chico is a beautiful gal, when she bonds and trusts she loves to sit on the shoulder and have her head scratched, but don’t try to touch her tail … she is quick. At home, PRC sanctuary bird, she delights in cooked sweet potato and snap peas. She also loves her walnuts in the shell. Another nut she loved, but will not longer receive was the cashew … TOO FATTY for birds I have been advised.

Medical update:
The nares are much cleaner but she still oozes some blood from the left nares with flushing but less so now. I can see nice pink tissue lining the left nares. It seems to me that the anatomy of the inside of the nares is somewhat different than normal and I suspect the change interfers with drainage
Currently, I am working to try to get the nares to drain better but I think a surgical procedure currently is too soon and at this stage quite probably life threatening.

We are awaiting x-ray results and results panels for fungal and asper. Thank you Dr. McDonald for generously donating the later two panels to Chico’s care.

April 2017, it has been one year since Chico was last requiring hospitalization for ongoing compromised breathing. She has just been released from Night Owl Bird Hospital after a few weeks of treatment. She is on two new oral antibiotics (bacterial and fungal) and a protocol for three different eye drops. Her medical care has surpassed $6,000, if you can make a small contribution to her medical care it would be greatly appreciated.

PRC Special Cases

PRC is helping provide on-going, long-term financial medical support for Chico and Sadie. We also covered the medical care for Babs, from her surrender to Hamilton Parrot Club to her passing in 2016.

Meet Chico:

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