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At PRC, we are dedicated to helping birds. Here is where we’ll put the time-sensitive cases we are currently involved with. If you can, please help.

Funds are urgently needed to help cover veterinary treatment costs to save Joey K. This once vibrant Moluccan cockatoo is now fighting for his life in hospital after at least two years of neglectful care.

After recently being surrender for the second time, Joey K is suffering from multiple health issues under intensive care at Night Owl Bird Hospital in Vancouver.

Joey K was a typical cockatoo spoiled at a young age. When he began screaming for attention and family circumstances changed, he was surrendered to the now-closed World Parrot Refuge (WPR) in 2015. At WPR Joey K began to self-mutilate and suffered a trauma resulting in the loss of vision in the left eye.

When the WPR shut in 2016, Joey K was reunited with the original family. In December 2017 Joey K was again surrendered, in very ill health. It was obvious he needed immediate medical care. Without hesitation Dr. Anne McDonald, Night Owl Bird Hospital, stepped forward to help Joey K.

Joey K was transferred from Calgary, AB and admitted to Night Owl Bird Hospital, Vancouver, BC on Monday, December 4th. Immediately placed in an incubator for intensive care treatment, he is receiving fluids and antibiotics. Initial lab results indicate a high white blood count and an elevated uric acid value — two concerns which may reflect dehydration or some decrease of kidney function or both. Additional treatment includes removal of significant malodorous debris in nostrils (they have been cleaned several times); and therapeutic laser therapy to help heal chest skin lesion

Joey K needs help with his medical care costs. A special Joey K fundraising page will keep you informed on this loving bird’s journey to health. Visit it here.

100% of your donation will go to Night Owl Bird Hospital.

E-transfer to or Paypal to with Joey K in the subject box.

Please follow Joey K’s journey on his YouCaring page under updates. Thank you for helping Joey K.

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