Action Alerts

At PRC, we are dedicated to helping birds. Here are the time-sensitive cases we are currently involved with. If you can, please help.

Action Alert 1: Help Chico Breathe!

Chico celebrated her two year anniversary as a sanctuary resident with Parrot Resource Centre on October 19th, 2015 with ongoing respiratory illness.

Some days were better than others. Lately the bad days out number the good ones: she is struggling to breathe. On January 22, 2016 she was admitted to Dr. Anne McDonald at Night Owl Bird Hospital, Vancouver, BC. She was sent home after being cared for, but now (February 18, 2016) is back in hospital.

Her options are euthanasia or surgery. We, and Chico, have chosen surgery. We are not ready to give up, and neither is Chico.

Surgery on the left nostril first as it is cemented shut. This involves a small hole inserted in that area of the left beak (by nares) and the material surgically removed. The hole will close in time. The cost for meds and surgery is approx. $2100. Incidentally the asper second test is negative – good news. However, we are doing a fungal test for an organism now inhabiting on Vancouver Island ( With the bacteria removed from there she should be able to finally respond to meds for that type of bacterial infection.

As we know the surgery is not without risk taking into consideration her age, past diet, however her blood work is normal and she has a good heart, however we need to be aware it is a surgical procedure under full anaesthetic with catheter, etc.

The surgery is scheduled for Monday, February 22, 2016.

Read more about Chico here.

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