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Thank you for expressing an interest in adoption/fostering from the PRC. Taking care of a parrot is a serious and long-term responsibility for you, your family and the PRC. We are committed to finding the right home for each and every parrot, with our adoption process designed to be in the bird’s best interest, and that is why you are asked to provide information in this application. We appreciate your patience with our process. PRC values its relationship with you, and you become an integral part of PRC and its goals to provide and promote an educated awareness of living successfully with a companion parrot. This adoption/foster application is designed to help you decide if a parrot is right for you and to ensure that you are properly informed about the needs of captive parrots.

More than with domesticated pets, it is true that not everyone who wishes to live with an exotic, wild parrot is able to provide for that parrot’s well-being. Because of this, we do not adopt/foster parrots to children. You must be at least 21 years of age to adopt a parrot from the PRC and maintain an annual membership in Parrot Resource Centre.

Downloadable Application

If you would prefer,  you can download a printable application here.

Please type or print clearly, and then return it directly to the Director/PRC Representative you have been working with (if any). You can email to


PRC Online Adoption Application


When you complete this application and return it to us, our communication has only just begun. This is a collaborative process between PRC, you and your family. We will work together to discover which parrot and caretaker make the best match.

Please consider the questions on this application with care and explain any answers or add comments. If a question does not apply, please write N/A. Note that answering yes or no to any of the questions will not necessarily result in your qualification/disqualification as an adoptee. 

A PRC director/representative will make arrangements to meet with you and your family at your home to perform a home inspection and discuss the process. When PRC has a parrot that matches your interests and capabilities, the director/representative in your area will contact you.

Review PRC Adoption Fees here.


15. Approximately how much time will the responsible person have available to spend with the parrot?

47. References (not family/relatives), whom we can contact:

I have completed the above application. I understand that PRC will review my application and that PRC has a right to refuse adoption/foster to any applicant. If any information provided is found to be untrue it will void any agreement between the adopter/foster and PRC.


After three months probationary period, you and PRC decide together if the adoption/fostering* is right for you and the parrot, sign the completed adoption agreement and pay the associate fees. It will remain a provisional agreement if certain parameters still need to be accomplished.

PRC has the right to make inspections at any reasonable time after 24 hour’s notice to determine whether you are complying with your obligations under the Agreement and whether you are maintaining the health and safety of the parrot. PRC reserves the right to remove the parrot at any time, without prior notice, if it determines, in its sole opinion and discretion, that you are not complying with obligations under the Agreement or you are not maintaining the health and safety of the bird and/or any information is found to be untrue in this application and/or contract. An adoption contract is also required at the time of bird placement.


*Fostering may be shorter or longer than the three month period and is determined by the foster family and PRC, and availability of a suitable home becoming available.

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Adoption Fees

Cage not included:

  • Budgie $15.00
  • Cockatiel $40-$60.00
  • Lovebird $40-$60.00
  • Parrotlet $75.00

Cage included when available:

  • Medium-Sized Parrots Conure, Ringneck, Senegal, Pionus, Quaker, Lory $300–-$600.00
  • Large-Sized Parrots Amazon, Eclectus, Cockatoo, African Grey, Cockatoo, Caique $600–-$1,000.00
  • Extra Large Parrots, Macaws and Cockatoos $700.00 and up

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