Adoptable Birds



May 2017 – WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING SURRENDERED BIRDS, however we will work with surrendering families to find loving homes through AVIAN ADOPTIONS NETWORK – CANADA.

Contact us for details, thank you.


Birds in PRC foster care available for adoption:



Close to thirty years young, Leroy resided with his original family until 2013 when life changes occurred in the family. He has a preference for males and is an active climber, talker and dancer. Leroy is converted to Harrison's and relishes fresh veggies, fruit...

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Mickey is believed to be around 7 years old. He was surrendered to PRC by a professor at a BC University after a student had taken Mickey in when the previous guardians moved (early 2013). Mickey is a sweetheart and loves to be one-on-one with a person, he is shy and...

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Albert is a sweet ten-year-old who was found outside when he was one and unclaimed. Since that time he has lived with one of our directors, however it would be beneficial for him to be in a home that can offer more interaction one-on-one with Albert. He has a...

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Peaches is a vibrant 16-year-old female M2 that needs a family which understands the needs of a Moluccan Cockatoo - lots of safe wood to chew, room to walk about (she snips her wing feathers and is unable to fly), a home where noise is not an issue as Peaches can be...

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