Gloria Fantin

Gloria Fantin

President, Membership

Gloria Fantin is a certified avian specialist (CAS designation through PIJAC Canada), a graduate of the Living and Learning with Parrots for Caregivers (LLP for Caregivers) course through Dr. Susan Friedman’s Behaviour+ Works, and has over 20 years experience with birds. Her feathered family include Congo African Greys, Timneh African Greys, Senegals, Green Cheek Conure, Red Lored Amazon, Blue Fronted Amazons, Moluccan Cockatoos, Umbrella Cockatoo, male Eclectus – some of which are PRC foster and sanctuary birds. She is a founding director of PRC and travels between Vancouver Island and Calgary, Alberta.

Bill Foster

Bill Foster


Bill Foster, business owner, brings his business expertise to PRC to handle the treasurer duties for the Centre and is a founding director of PRC with several years of bird experience. His life is shared with his wife, Judy, and two Congo African Greys, “the girls”. Bill is a driving force of PRC in Alberta.
Becky Morse

Becky Morse

Secretary, Membership

Becky Morse has many years experience with Amazons and Cockatoos. With PRC she is secretary and manages our involvement at Pet Expo, Calgary, Alberta. She shares her life with Geronimo, an older Blue Fronted Amazon; Blackberry, a small dog and two older horses. During the flood in High River, Alberta a few years ago, Becky was the  “go to bird person” with several dozen birds safely rescued and fostered in her home until reunited with owners.

Lee Hart

Lee Hart

Newsletter Director, Membership

Lee Hart is a writer and editor of a popular prairie-wide farm magazine. From childhood, he has always been interested in animals and for many years was a caring pet owner. He has a particular fondness for birds and has experience with doves, finches, canaries, budgies and cockatiels. He has been a loyal supporter of PRC since its inception and is on the ground for PRC in Alberta.

Cheryl Rutherford

Cheryl Rutherford

Website and Digital Design Director

A professional graphic and web designer, Cheryl has been volunteering for a variety of parrot-focused organizations since 2008, primarily by donating technical expertise, graphic design, facebook/website administration and photography. She is on the Advisory Committee with Echo Bonaire, an organization dedicated to conserving the endangered Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot of Bonaire. In addition to helping parrots, Cheryl also spent a summer feeding and caring for wild baby birds and animals at the Burnaby Wildlife Rescue Center. In 2000, she helped care for wild birds who were victims of a Canola oil spill (Vancouver, BC). In Ontario, she is on the ground for PRC.

The Beginning of Parrot Resource Centre

In January of 2012, Sandy Erwin, Gloria Fantin and Judy Foster discussed the lack of accurate and reliable information for caretakers and their birds. They also realized there were more birds in need of their next home than homes available. What could be done to make a difference? The result was the formation of the Parrot Resource Centre. PRC was officially granted Society status in Alberta in June of that year. The original seven founders were: Sandy Erwin, Gloria Fantin, Judy Foster, Bill Foster, Dave Gacek, Ted Jansen and KimBerley Kern.

Pet Expo 2014 and 2015 Calgary, AB

Meet some of our directors and valuable volunteers along with their flock-members:

Official Volunteers

Guylaine Drolet, began sharing her life with birds in 2001, with her first bird, Brisky, a fiesty lovebird. Her present flock includes 13-year-old Kozmik, a Congo African Grey, who came into her life when he was close to three years old and no longer wanted by his original family. In 2014 Kodiak, a Timneh African Grey, in need of his next loving home joined “Gigi” and Kozmik. In 2016 Kodiak will celebrate his 11th hatch year. She has completed the LLP (Living and Learning with Parrots) course by Susan G. Friedman Ph. D. Clicker training is one of her passions, as is her family, flock and human. Gigi is a key PRC volunteer on the ground in Ontario and an administrator on our Discussion Facebook page, she also reviews and processes adoption and foster applications.


Lori Gibbons and Hamilton Parrot Club is on extended hiatus, we wish her well and are anxious for her return.

Working Together

Danielle Kuhn became involved in parrots when Mag, a Red Lored Amazon, was dropped at her door step. Mag changed Dani’s life. She currently shares her life with a Congo African Grey and two Conures. She helps people with training and behaviour modification. Dani is a contributor to the newsletter and an administrator on the PRC Discussion facebook page.

Pat Phillips has been an advocate for parrots in need or at risk for 20+ years. She is a PIJAC Certified Avian Specialist and a student of Applied Behaviour Analysis. Pat shares her life with five parrots and her husband. Pat is Associate Editor of the Newsletter, Bird Tales; an administrator on the PRC Discussion facebook page and is on the ground for PRC on Vancouver Island.

PRC would like to thank the many other behind-the-scenes volunteers and supporters: we couldn’t do it without you!

In Memory of Founding Director Ted Jansen, 1929—2015.

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